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Ways to Take Overnight Oatmeal to the Next Level

overnight oat

Captain Oats overnight oats are a healthy, alternative way to enjoy instant rolled oats that don’t require cooking. Instead of cooking oats the traditional way, overnight oats are combined with milk or a dairy-free substitute before being placed in the fridge overnight to hydrate.


The overnight oats absorb the liquid and other ingredients while you’re sleeping. They soften and develop a delightful texture that makes for a terrific breakfast.


Moreover, Captain Oats overnight oats are so adaptable that you can switch up the ingredients whenever you choose. Don’t worry about growing bored with the same ingredients and oatmeal recipe.


From Blueberry & Lemon Overnight Oats Parfait to Pumpkin Coconut Overnight Oats, Green Apple Overnight Oats and Apple Raisin Overnight Oats, there are so many different, healthy oatmeal options available, making it easy to switch things up.


Here are some incredible ways to take your overnight oatmeal to the next level.

1. Add Enough Liquid

Although the consistency of oatmeal mostly depends on personal choice, not adding enough liquid to overnight oats might lead to a thick, pasty mixture.


Remember that overnight oats absorb the liquid around them. Make sure to increase the liquid for each serving of oats in a 2:1 ratio if you want a more ‘spoonable’ breakfast.



2. Use Almond Milk

While you might prefer water in your instant rolled oats, milk is preferred in overnight oatmeal recipes. They are thick, velvety jars that are complexly flavoured at their finest. Almond milk does a much better job of creating a creamy, porridge-like meal.


3. Don't Add Toppings Overnights

Even if you want to save time, remember that you should not add your overnight oats toppings before refrigeration. As you are aware, the raw oats need to be able to absorb the liquid they are mixed with to soften. Not only can toppings stop this process, but they can also change the liquid-to-oat ratio. Also, nobody wants soggy nuts or fruit.


4. Add More Flavour

Overnight oatmeal recipes may require a little boost to enhance their flavours. But unless you want to ruin your body goals, refrain from pouring syrup on your oats.


Adding cinnamon, ginger, lemon juice, cocoa powder, or vanilla extract can support your low-calorie goal and offer a variety of health advantages, including preventing cancer, enhancing immunity, calming an upset stomach, and even reducing waist size.


5. More Protein

A fantastic way to start your day off correctly is by mixing a scoop of protein powder or nonfat Greek yoghurt into your overnight oats. Adding protein powder will help you burn more calories, feel fuller longer, and get the most out of your workouts.


Remember to include these before refrigeration. The yoghurt will aid in the oats’ softening, and protein powder needs moisture.


6. Make Use of a Natural Sweetener

Do you enjoy sweets? Stay away from liquid chemicals and refined sugar products since they will lead to an increasing waistline. Choose pure honey as your sweetener of choice. Additionally, continue to use portion control. Anything over a tablespoon is excessive.


7. Add More Cream

Greek yoghurt can be used if you want your oats to be thick and creamy. Greek yoghurt helps with digestion, weight loss, and strong bones because it contains calcium, protein, and probiotics. Just combine equal amounts of milk, oats, and yoghurt to make healthy overnight oatmeal.


8. Add Nutritious Nut Butter

A spoonful of nut butter mixed into your oatmeal has several health benefits, including improving heart health, reducing inflammation, boosting metabolism, and many more. L-arginine, an amino acid that helps strengthen muscles, is a wonder worker for a flat stomach. It is found in almond butter. 



In a Nutshell

With numerous options available for overnight oatmeal recipes, choosing your preferred instant rolled oats recipe is a matter of preference. It won’t take long to find your favourite Captain Oats overnight oats recipe flavour.


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